General & Preventative Dentistry in Warwick, Rhode Island

Our highly skilled dentists safeguard your oral health with General and Preventative Dentistry. Don’t wait to start taking better care of your teeth, contact Professional Dental Associates today!

General Dentistry

Upon coming to us for an examination, you will receive an accurate assessment of your dental health. Our office uses safe and effective digital X-rays that generate less radiation, while providing greater diagnostic capabilities than traditional film X-rays do.

With our intra-oral digital camera, we can view older restorations, clinical tooth decay, cracks in teeth and more. It provides us with a detailed look at your teeth and oral cavity, so you can see for yourself when there are any problems. Our high-tech tools help to provide you with more options for treatment and overall care.

Preventative Dentistry

We try to stop dental problems before they start with our preventative dentistry at Professional Dental Associates. Some of our treatments include using sealants on children’s permanent molars during their cavity-prone years. Sealants fill in deep grooves where tooth decay often begin and typically last for five to seven years.

We also do custom fit night guards to prevent fracturing patient’s dentition and excessive tooth wear. They are comfortable and patients are more willing to wear them rather than the over-the-counter night guards.

Periodontal Treatment

Common symptoms of gum disease & periodontal disease include bad breath, sore and bleeding gums and, in cases, pain. To correct these issues, conservative periodontal treatment is our goal, with the option of more involved treatment when necessary.

For treatment, we provide deep cleanings. This includes going beneath the gum areas to cleaning the calculus, which stimulates gum healing. Often, this technique will work.

Our board certified periodontist performs pocket reduction gum surgery for treatment in more advanced cases, in addition to the surgical placement of dental implants